Muira Puama – A Major Ingredient for Male Enhancement Pills

muira puama for male enhancementMuira Puama (also known as Viagra of the Amazon) is one of the most important ingredients widely used in male enhancement supplements.
Its effectiveness is based on some active stuffs it contains. As a result, muira puama makes a part of some popular formulations designed for general health improvement, treating sexual dysfunctions, providing energizing effects etc.
When compared to its more popular peer – yohimbe, muira puama has fewer side effects and about the same efficiency.
Scientific name for muira puama is Ptychopetalum, which includes two species of plants growing mainly in Amazon rainforests.
Both plants are small trees or bushes and grow about 5 m high. Leaves, flowers, roots, and even the bark – all they are of interest for medical applications.
Traditionally, it is roots and the bark that were used since long ago to produce curative products and
The peoples residing in South America have known the muira puama’s aphrodisiac properties since ages.
Both the bark and roots contain some healthy substances, which can be implemented in modern medicine. They are: long-chain fatty acids, coumarin, lupeol, and the alkaloid of muirapuamine.
Medical researchers believe there would be more beneficial properties of muira puama to be revealed as yet, which can be helpful in boosting male sexual desire and achieving better satisfaction and performance.
Muira Puama’s action is based on such factors as:

  • Increasing the blood flow in the pelvic area
    It is well known that the blood flow is a core factor that determines both the erections quality in men and orgasms quality in women. The more blood flows to the corpora cavernosa of the penis, the firmer and longer-lasting erections are.
  • Boosting testosterone production in men
    Testosterone is oftentimes called the male hormone, because it plays an key role in muscle building, growth of both the penis and testes, body hair growth, and some other features characteristic to men. If natural production of testosterone drops, the male person suffers from lowering sexual drive, erectile failures, or even some kind of genital numbness.
  • Better stress management
    Active elements contained in muira puama have proven their effectiveness in balancing the nervous system, strengthening the immune system, and supporting general health of the patient. All these effects are also beneficial for improvement of sexual health in cases when sexual performance suffers form excessive stressful conditions.

All said above shows that muira puama, if used properly, can effectively treat sexual disorders, and erection problems in particular.
The effectiveness grows exponentially, when taking muira puama-based supplements is supported by healthy lifestyle, regular physical exercises, and healthy diet. Avoiding alcohol is always advantageous as well.