Latisse – An Effective Beauty Product

Latisse is a unique product proved to effectively stimulate growth and strengthening of female eyelashes. Interestingly, it has been designed only for the upper eyelid and can really make you more beautiful and attractive. Latisse uses an applicator, which is to apply the product like eyeliner. Bimatoprost, an ophthalmic solution, is one of major Latisse’s ingredients. Reportedly, it can sometimes cause dryness, eye irritation or even change in eye color. Additionally, Latisse contains citric acid, sodium phosphate and sodium chloride. The price of a Latisse tube is about $120. The package is enough to be used for approximately four weeks.
Latisse is a brand new eyelash growth serum on the beauty market, so there are no many reviews available as yet. However, existing customers are mainly satisfied with the effect provided by Latisse and leave their positive feedbacks.


  • Positive reports despite a short track record period.
  • Latisse was approved by FDA, which is a trustworthy proof of its high quality, safety and effectiveness.


  • Latisse is a prescription preparation, so you will need to visit a doctor prior to take advantage of it.
  • Latisse is positioned as a product to treat some medical conditions.
  • Latisse can cause certain side effects, which have been reported rather seldom though.

There are only several really trustworthy eyelash enhancement products on the market today. A product of high quality should provide such positive effects as strengthening eyelash roots, improving the texture and enhancing the length of lashes. At the same time, it should contain only high-quality ingredients thoroughly selected to properly nourish your eyelashes. So, when using a really good product, you can really expect to get long, strong and moisturized lashes within a short period of time.

Skin care experts recommend following several useful guidelines to maintain your eyelashes healthy and beautiful. Please, find below only some of them:

  • Apply the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not forget to remove your makeup daily, before going to bed.
  • Consider selecting a healthy diet, which should include fish and milk to make your eyelashes stronger and more beautiful.
  • Try to keep the hydration balance of your body. For this end, drink at least 8 glasses of pure water every day.
  • Caffeine-based drinks and alcohol cocktails are to be avoided, because they can cause dehydration of your skin and promote appearance of wrinkles.
  • Take your time to rest enough and regularly.

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